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Gaia messenger on Billboard BKK NFT

I did not enter #artistavatarchallenge in this for win(only),but this carry ‘my message’
for future life ,yeah and it’s functional like other ‘messenger’ ,
carry left over message to someone who wish to know the story
And what I think behind the image.

And I just think like V , from V for vendetta,
He said to mr.Creedy ‘Idea are bulletproof’
So even if I’m die my idea will transcend overtime.
LIKE ‘a message’ wait for someone to discovered it.

Tool: pencil,apple iPad Pro gen2,procreate

This is my alter ego Gaia and I chose her as my ‘avatar’.
I spend my life for this story ‘seraphim torus’ and this is an IP for myself
in warning my next life
to not commit same mistakes over and over again,
to warn myself like interstellar the movie.


A lot of things in this world will of course fade away if you let it go; yet even if you simply cling on it, you will still get through. Don't you ever think that it will never end as long as you cling on.


Disclaimer:These following message is sensitive data for someone who depressed.You can skipped this part or read with caution.

I’ve been in mental hospital 7 time , I’m not shy to telling you this.
A voice in my head...I call him ‘Equinox’.
He’s also another protagonist in Seraphim torus.
He tell me to commit suicide to end all story and painfulness

but my heart told me to live so I’m still alive today ...And I’m really glad to be here.:)
I chose to lived and I would like to imitate
René Descartes quote ‘I think therefore I existed’

To ‘I draw therefore I am (existed)...’
And I am alive to create ‘this story’.
My only one and last ip I guess(as long comic).

Creature is messenger for my future next life.As it is metaphor for this as the whole story itself
Fly over and through these space , through the sky ,transcending overtime.
Gaia enjoy with Cherry and did not notice the messenger,like
‘We enjoyed our everyday live without noticing some important message send from universal power.’

Chinese text below

The word ‘letting go’ 看得开 and ‘cling it on’ 看不开
use almost same character
If you use straight line to
break ‘hito’人 or human character
You will get ‘six’六 and ‘big’大.
Sun 日 and moon 月 are almost the same character.
Everything is a little bit twisted.

for someone don’t understand the theme
‘Human can not break’
You can try to break hito or human character.
it’s will fragment to six 六 and eventually become bigger.....大

It’s mean.....
‘What does not kill you,only make you stronger’
——Friedrich Nietzsche

Song:Mangzhong( overall context mean let go)…

will come to edit story and text more later.

beta ver of WEBTOON is here…


Singer: 音闕詩聽
Album: Mang Zhong 芒種
Title: Mang Zhong 芒種
English Title:

Yī xiǎngdào nǐ wǒ jiù
Thinking of you then I ohh
kōng hèn bié mèng jiǔ
Hate to leave for too long
shāo qù zhǐ huī mái yān liǔ
Burn memories of your parting

yú xiān huó de zhīyā
My pure and flawless
diāolíng xià de wúxiá
falled from the branches newly-born
shì shōuhuò mídǐ de dàijià
It was the price of getting the answer I am pursuing
餘暉沾上 遠行人的發
yúhuī zhān shàng yuǎn xíng rén de fā
The afterglow touched the passer's hair
tā sǎ xiàshǒu zhōng qiānguà
And he chose to give up missing
yú qiáoxià
Beneath bridge
qiánshì chí lái zhě ~~~(cā jiān érguò)
Lover of pre-life who comes too late (passed by)
zhǎngxīn kè ~~~~~(lái shēng jìdé)
He was carved in my palm (so remember in the afterlife)
你眼中煙波滴落一滴墨 wo~~~
nǐ yǎnzhōng yānbō dī luò yīdī mò wo~~~
I can see tear dropping from your eyes wow...
ruò fú shuō ~~~~~(wú qiān wú guà)
Buddha said (be free of love)
fàngxià zhízhuó ~~~~~(wūxiāng wúsè)
Let it go (be free of love)
我怎能 波瀾不驚 去附和
wǒ zěn néng bōlán bù jīng qù fùhè
But how can I follow all this right in peace

yī xiǎngdào nǐ wǒ jiù
Thinking of you then I ooh...
恨情不壽 總於苦海囚
hèn qíng bù shòu zǒng yú kǔhǎi qiú
Resent love is short and trapped in pain oh...
新翠徒留 落花影中游
xīn cuì tú liú luòhuā yǐng zhōngyóu
Leaves stay in the shadow of falling flower oh...
相思無用 才笑山盟舊
xiāngsī wúyòng cái xiào shān méng jiù
Love means nothing and so self-deprecate believing your swear oh..
wèi wǒ hé qiú
So do you know what I wish for?

zhǒng yī wàn duǒ liánhuā
Sow lots of lotuses
zài zhòngshēng zhōng fāyá
They grow in all beings
děng hóngchén yī wàn zhǒng jiědá
Wait mortal world to give answer
念珠落進 時間的泥沙
niànzhū luò jìn shíjiān de ní shā
The rosary meets the sand of time
待 割捨詮釋慈悲的讀法
dài gēshě quánshì cíbēi de dú fǎ
Abandoning the understanding of mercy

qiánshì chí lái zhě ~~~(cā jiān érguò)
Lover of pre-life who comes too late (passed by)
zhǎngxīn kè ~~~~~(lái shēng jìdé)
He was carved in my palm