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The Dissipate of memory

‘The dissipate of memory’ 
How about if someone really dissipation from someone ’s life?
Song:First of the year~Equinox|Skrillex 
Develop from thumbnail I draw long time ago
So this is my commentary on this piece 
This one is my favorite piece currently 
Since it imbue somany meaning 
And many more symbolic to interpret
Skrillex ‘s song is haunted and gloomy so it is suit this. 
The interpenetrate element showing that we hurt each other 
While Harmony element indicate happy time.
Although time pass 
You stay beautiful in my heart 
Even thing fade away 
And I being your haunted memory 
It is scary that some day 
We don’t know each other face anymore 
Because we forget each other 
Like unimportant person 
Who just passing by 
You stay fresh in my memory 
Even I forget your face 
I never forget feeling toward you

well , nuff said that I don’t care popularity for real since I ’m happy that I find exact technique for digital art (mobile base).For traditional I always know what I actually want, but digital I take way so long, really,It’s been so longgggggggggggg, if it’s a child it’s grow in adolescents already555.

It’s take 10 years to discovered ’exact technique’ count from 2008 that I start real experimenting various style with these criteria,combine everything I knew ,unique, dreamy like and It’s look nice with gold foil!and a must it should be fast and get along with my nature, have to retain lineart and not a heavy pain(t) style.use only one application, PROCREATE, after long journey and sometimes astray with distract, and almost give up miserably.

I use procreate in every process.

1.I photographed with phone then import to procreate and adjust to 0 saturated, erase and add line for uneven line ,flat colored
2.Add texture separate line and overlay it then use wet eraser

Thx teacher
Kasidej Hempromaraj study from sep till currently
Hoyhoy Kung Ohla study 1 month +1week

Kevin Chin
thx bro for all recommend

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