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Gaia magnolia(Available)

Concept and illustrated by MEISANMUI
Story Kotchaporn EstraFlower
Translate Napol Napol Grisanaputi
Painting Kiwikiwi Blablabest

Magnolia is a unique fragrant flower that is generally white or purple in color. Some of them have six petals as well as there have been several legends that tell and illustrate involving miracles, women ,and spirit etc. Still, no body knows that which legend is real one.

Nevertheless, there is one legend that has been forgotten. This is concerning flowers and meteor. It’s story is shown a wandering young man selecting to protect Magnolia.

Every full moon night ,the moon was in the highest point. It seemed to have meteor happening often. Their size was noticeably equal to a cereal. Moreover, it was believed that when meteor reaching the earth, it would become Magnolia that was thrived every time and everywhere.

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