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Latte Käfig

Procreate | ’ Latte Käfig ’ |ipadprogen2(2017)
’Latte Käfig’ new full colored illustration.
‘i draw woman (barista) stuck in coffee making machine’ 
Inspired from real life’s stories 
Metaphors of these stories
She stuck in a past of bitter sweet memories. 
She’s create some avatar of person she’s love,and that person no longer existed.
Here is full illustration commentary
To ‘You’
Yes it’s ’you’...I’d call you ‘Latte’ (some kind of coffee) 
As pseudonym, from now on.
Because you are bitter sweet memory of mine actually. 
But keep my eye open.So you are.
In 2011
who said this following words.’language barrier’
Who have big influence on me.
Just because you said
Latte:”Their are (damn) ‘language Barrier’ that’s just too great!There’re no way to communicate without further misunderstandings!”
So I read several hundreds English book in a year ,listen ton of audio books,enroll to English-based course.and practice  my engrid like a crazy one,or I actually am.
I aim for no engrid but learn to use ‘proper english’ by consume a lot of text books...and use it in everyday life.
I WILL BREAK THAT DAMN ‘GREAT-BARRIER-of-language’ ...and I’m sure I can eliminated it,although it can’t be friends anymore.I’d try my best,for my future life.i ‘ll destroy its to debris! /me ‘clenched my fists’
I’m sorry to write in public.It’s ‘never’ reaching you anyway...
P.S if that day come I may be totally free.
The day I totally break-free from that stupid wall.Also ‘pseudo wall’ I created. 
Of course I may or may not reach caliber of person who use English as native,but it doesn’t matter.