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It may not reaching you

My sun, ‘This may not reaching you, either you don't care
I will move forward in order to show the world&you my ’trueself’ by embed it in art.What’s I left unsaid between us.Silent is the best way...🙂’ ’Thx’ 
From ICARUS ‘The sun teach Icarus that if he flying too close his wing burnt down and fall to the sea and here in image is Icarus msg to the sun’ 
(And of course because it’s sun,so there are no reply....) Icarus is son of ’Daedalus’.He has been imprison and his father help him escaped by invented wax wing.But Icarus fly too close to sun so he fall because of his wing meltdown 
In my story Real sol Keane is symbolized as sun because his characteristic.The metaphoric in this case bring from my very own exp. 🙂 in life.Yes I fall down very hard way I guessed.
Goldfish is sign to take some bad luck instead somebody