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Forest and forestry(Sold)


For this picture, I think of the days when I was in college when I went on a field trip. It was really fun to go into the forest like trekking. I feel that it's something that I don't do often. Then walk on the tree top. I see big canopy trees. I feel very magnificent. I feel like I'm small and I feel that nature is great. So I wanted to draw an interesting picture of a forest with flowers and trees. I could see the sky like a beautiful mountain landscape. When I finished painting, I was nostalgic. I thought it was good when I was in university. I travel in field trip a lot. learn I really want to draw a woman who looks normal but doesn't look normal. It's like a normal woman, but there is something extraordinary that makes us feel some air of mystery. Don't know if the audience will feel like me or not?