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Shazna izam

Here is my full commentary toward this picture
Shazna is all time favorite artist and This one is vocalist Shazna Izam
I like all of these song
‘Love is a alive’
‘Pieces of love’
He’s in visual rock genre but I guess Shazna’s style is not aggressive like normal visual rock ,which I like
4songs I mentioned is the best in my opinion
Izam is reason why I like ‘unisex’ person
A person who have got beautiful unisex face either guy or Gal.I believe it’s same thing,beautiful and handsome
Somewhere masculine + feminine
I draw Izam several pictures,the most fav.look of Izam is nun dress in Koibito PV
I still remember time which I spend with my sister watching Shazna video again and again
Izam’s eye very charm,cute and very decisive look.Also the hair style is so cool.